Ladies Rolex Watches Ultimate Buying Guide

Ladies Rolex Watches Ultimate Buying Guide

Rolex has secured its prestigious position in the realm of luxury watches for both men and women. By utilizing premium materials and exquisite designs, Rolex crafts timepieces that stand the test of time. If you're considering investing in a ladies' Rolex watch, familiarize yourself with the pricing, available models, and features to make an informed choice.

The Cost of Rolex Watch Women

Looking for a women's Rolex watch? Choose between New or Pre-Owned options. New ladies' Rolex watches begin at approximately $5,300, while pre-owned pieces can be found for as low as $3,000. Explore now for the perfect Rolex timepiece!

Our most budget-friendly ladies' Rolex watch is the Rolex Ladies Date 26mm Stainless Steel with White Roman Datejust Dial (Reference #69160). This model features a Datejust design with a steel oyster bracelet and sapphire crystal. As it lacks diamond accents, it stands out as one of the most economical choices available.

The pre-owned Rolex Ladies Pearlmaster in Rose Gold with a 34mm Chocolate Roman Diamond 6 Dial, model #81315, is priced at approximately $47,500.

These two watches represent the extremes of price ranges for ladies' Rolex timepieces, leading us to the discussion of the various models available.

Understanding the Different Models of Ladies Rolex Watches

Seven distinct models of ladies' Rolex watches offer a range of unique characteristics and features, each adding to their desirability and individuality.

1. Lady Datejust Models

Rolex Lady Datejust models can be both simple and luxurious. The simple designs, which are also the most affordable, have a stainless steel case with a stainless steel, white gold,  yellow gold, or rose gold combinations of two-tone (Rolesor) or full gold. The more luxurious designs have diamond accents.

2. Date Models

Rolex Date models feature a 34mm case paired with an oyster bracelet. These models come in fully stainless steel or stainless steel with an 18k white gold bezel, offering a blend of style and durability.

3. Oyster Perpetual Models

Rolex Oyster Perpetual models stand out as timeless classics within the Rolex watch collection. These models feature a sleek time-only dial and a self-winding automatic movement, ensuring the watch stays wound effortlessly. Crafted from durable stainless steel, they offer a variety of dial colors including Blue, Yellow, and Pink to suit different preferences.

4. Yacht-Master Models

Rolex Yacht-Master models feature oyster bracelets in yellow gold, stainless steel, and platinum. Original models came with gem-set dials including rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. Today, Yacht-Master models come in rose gold or stainless steel with platinum.

5. Pearlmaster Models

The Rolex Pearlmaster, introduced in 1992, is renowned for its exquisite blend of luxury and style. Crafted from 18k gold or platinum and adorned with diamonds, this jewelry watch collection exudes elegance and sophistication.

Pearlmaster watches feature the "Datejust" label on the watch face, reflecting the type of date window integrated into the design. The timepiece earns its classification as a Pearlmaster model due to its distinct bracelet and opulent jewelry-inspired design.

6. Day Date Models

The Rolex Day Date model, introduced in 1956, pioneered the combination of both date and day displays on its watch face. Since then, it has maintained its position as a top-seller. Originally crafted as a men's timepiece, the Day Date model has evolved to feature more feminine styles, catering to women as well. Adorned with colorful dials and a variety of gemstones on the bezel, the Day Date model has emerged as one of the most sought-after ladies' Rolex timepieces.

7. Rolex Daytona Models

The Rolex Daytona is steadily gaining popularity as one of the top Rolex models among women. With a variety of vibrant dials and stylish leather straps to choose from, this watch captures the essence of Daytona beach, offering women a blend of fun and luxury. Its attractive colors and sleek design make it appear more delicate than its true 40mm case size, drawing more women towards this chic timepiece.

The Key Features of Ladies Rolex Watches

Let's explore the essential features of women's Rolex watches to assist you in selecting the perfect one for you.

In this section on key features, we'll explore the materials, bracelets, dials, and movements used in crafting Rolex's range of luxury watches designed for women.


Our collection of ladies' Rolex timepieces showcases exquisite craftsmanship with each model crafted from a unique metal blend. Explore the variety of materials used in different ladies' Rolex watch models below:

  • Oystersteel (904L Stainless Steel)
  • 18k Everose Gold (Rolex Rose Gold)
  • 18k White Gold
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • Platinum
  • Yellow Gold and Platinum combination
  • White Gold and Platinum combination
  • Rose Gold and Stainless Steel combination
  • Platinum and Stainless Steel combination


All Rolex watches for women feature smaller bracelets designed to fit perfectly on women’s wrists. Below are the bracelet options available for ladies' Rolex watches, each accompanied by a detailed description:

  • The Oyster bracelet is made up of three flat links that are connected to create the band
  • The Jubilee bracelet is made up of five flat links that are connected to create the band
  • The President bracelet is made up of three pieces of semi-circular links that are only available in gold or platinum to create the band
  • The Pearlmaster bracelet has five rounded links that are only available in gold or platinum
  • The Oysterflex bracelet is a basic bracelet with a metal inside with a black rubber exterior 


The watch dial serves as the centerpiece, offering a selection of diamonds, gemstones, and various colored faces to match your desired Rolex style. The bezel, crafted from gold, platinum, or stainless steel, varies based on the chosen Rolex model.


Ladies' Rolex timepieces function just as effectively as men's Rolex watches since they utilize automatic movements, ensuring precise timekeeping regardless of the watch's size. Each Rolex watch is meticulously crafted with a Certified Swiss Chronometer, guaranteeing automatic self-winding and adherence to timekeeping excellence.

So, Which Ladies Rolex Should You Choose?

When selecting a women's Rolex timepiece, it's important to determine the one that suits you best. This comprehensive buying guide showcases a range of prices for women's Rolex watches, offering options from simple to luxurious, catering to your preferences.

You have the freedom to choose both your budget and the material for your watch. It's advisable to establish your budget initially to help streamline your choices and focus on watches within your budget range.


Embrace the allure of timeless luxury with a ladies' Rolex watch from Gotham City Timepieces in NY. Our expertly curated collection features an array of exquisite Rolex models, designed to elevate your style and make a statement of enduring elegance. 

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